Heartland Herefords is a partnership of five breeders who bring more than 200 years of Hereford experience to our annual production sale. Cattlemen will find the type of animal that will work in 
commercial and purebred 
operations. Generations 
of evaluating the right type 
of herd sires have come 
together for this offering
of seed stock that can go 
on and perform for the 
cattleman of today.

Two Year Olds
Yearling Bulls
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Double Heart Diamond
Dave & Jessye Goertz
(308) 935-1292
 Engelhaupt Herefords
 Jack & Judy  Engelhaupt
 (402) 775-2588
 XA Cattle
 Bill & Marie Farr
 (308) 233-7804
TKR Herefords
Bruce & Linda Tucker
(402) 786-5610

Dowse Farms
Marvin & Joyce Dowse
(308) 527-3439